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How it all began…

In the heart of the Lake District, Coniston Sports & Social Centre is a purpose built centre catering for all the needs of a busy village.

When local man John Usher died, tragically, in 1993 he left the bulk of his estate to five Village organisations: Coniston Village Institute, The PCC of Coniston St. Andrew’s Church, Coniston Cameo Club, Coniston Cricket Club and last, but by no means least, Coniston Football Club.

Coniston Amateur Football Club very kindly donated their legacy towards the founding of the Coniston Sports and Social Centre. The legacy of John Usher stimulated the original plan for improvement here.

The land is still owned by the Coniston AFC, who kindly leases it to the Coniston Sports & Social Centre Committee for the benefit of the Community of Coniston. This major plan commenced several years ago and came to fruition, on the Coniston Amateur Football Club Ground in 2004. The project consisted of the building of a completely new Sports & Social Centre for the district of Coniston. A massive fund-raising scheme was necessary and the organising committee also secured a substantial grant from the “Sport England” Lottery Fund which, along with John Usher’s legacy secured creation of the Sports and Social Centre.

Throughout the course of building, there were some tremendously difficult times. Without the tenacity and stubbornness of a small group of local people, the project could very easily have not reached fruition. Without the quiet determination of these people, the Centre would not exist today.